Tiger Facts for Kids

Tiger facts for kids

  Tiger Facts for Kids   Cartoon tiger

  • Tigers can weigh up to 670 pounds and can reach a length up to 12 feet!

  • The largest of all cats in the world is the Siberian Tiger.

  • The Sumatran Tiger is considered to be one of the smaller tigers, but it’s no less dangerous!

  • Tigers live in eastern Asia ranging from cold places to tropical swamps.

  • The claws of a tiger can be up to 4 inches long.

  • These big cats may live in grasslands, savannahs, rocky locations, and forests.

  • The tiger is a night hunter and feeds on deer, wild pigs and other mammals available where they live

  • Tigers can eat up to 90 pounds of food in a single meal!

  • Young tiger cubs born about 14 weeks after conception.

  • Four tiger subspecies are endangered and the other two are Critically endangered.


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